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 Sahaja Yoga 
Tom Jacob Waterloo Canada
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
I Feel Great !!
    I attended my first Sahaja Yoga program in
April 2000,an experience that has changed my 
life. I felt great joy after receiving my self realization
and wanted to experience more of this feeling.
 So I began to meditate regularly using the techniques
and knowledge freely given to everyone in Sahja
Yoga. As a result of this connection that has taken
place I have learned to bring myself more into balance
and have felt much healthier. In Sahaja Yoga I have
become my own master and am able to know my
true self and let my true self shine through. I feel
that it is everyones right to experience this gift,the
feeling of joy and the truth that we are all one.